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exedio persistence

Persistence Framework for Java.

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exedio persistence provides an easy database access layer for java applications. It makes development faster compared to other persistence frameworks.
  • Supports MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, and HSQLDB.
  • No XML files need to be written, anything is easily specified within your java source code.
  • No setting up of database tables - the framework does that for you.
  • Transparent loading and writing of persistent objects.
  • Easy-to-use search API for even complex queries providing type safety at compile-time.
  • Complete isolation from the database, allows switching the DBMS instantly and eliminates SQL injection security vulnerability.
  • Comes with a web application supporting the evolution of the persistent schema without loss of data.


Documentation is organized into trails, which show you how to use exedio persistence on examples.
  • Introduction Trail tells you how to get started in your project.
  • Field Trail tells you what kind of data can be stored using exedio persistence.
  • Transactions Trail tells you how to use transactions.
  • Searching Trail gives you an introduction into the searching capabilities of exedio persistence.
  • Field Reloaded Trail covers all the more specific possibilities to store data not mentioned in the Field Trail.
  • Web Application Trail shows you the little differences when using the exedio persistence within a web container.
  • Schema Trail shows you the schema evolution support of exedio persistence.
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The source code of all frameworks is available at github. The demo application is available at sourceforge.